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How About My story on two pairs of bifocal eyeglasses?

I must admit that my old bifocal eyeglasses were not suitable for me in terms of my facial features after many people made their comments on them. When I first saw it on the counter of an entity optical store near my living place, I was attracted by its unique and innovative design. I showed great interest in that type of glasses and I was eager to know more details. The shop assistant was also very excited and keeps introducing the glasses with a strong recommendation. Through his words, I think the function, quality, price, and after-sale service all satisfied me and I placed the order without too much hesitation. When one day my friends all came to my home for dinner and I think I could make use of this chance to listen to their opinions on whether I should make a change or not.

Just as I have guessed, they think it looked a little bit odd on me. Though the eyeglasses were of great quality and the materials were also advanced, the style did not fit me so much. What’s more, it made me look fatter. I was blue and this feeling exceeded the pleasure when I saw that pair of bifocal glasses. My friends comforted me with soft words and advised me to search the Internet to see some other types of glasses. Their encouragement made me full of confidence and I think it was necessary to know more about eyeglasses to ensure a successful shopping next time.

To my surprise, when I searched the Internet to see some new trends of eyeglasses in the market, I find there were many online stores that also sold various types of glasses designed for different people to meet individual requirements. On the site of www.prescriptionglassesonline.net, I saw a pair of bifocal eyeglasses that caught my fancy immediately. But this time I would not make a prompt decision as before. I chatted with the service personnel online to make sure that I knew every detail of that pair of glasses. Though I could not touch the real products, I think the virtual fitting room helped me a lot. The site provided considerate service to facilitate consumers’ shopping process and I think it was a key factor to win the commercial war. I hoped it would not let me down and I would make this store known among my friends.